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On April 17, 2012
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Suma Extract


Suma extract is a commonly used medicinal supplement due to its manifold health benefits, along with its use as a therapeutic supplement for the treatment of various diseases.

Extracted from the roots of the Suma plant, also known as the “Brazilian Ginseng”, it contains a number of amino acids and certain essential minerals all of which are highly essential for the human body.


Reported Effects

1) Reduces muscle fatigue.

2) Boosts the immune system.

3) Helps to develop stronger muscles.

4) Helps with joint recovery.


Reported effects include:

Reduces muscle fatigue – Supplements made from Suma extract are useful for bodybuilders and athletes to recover from fatigue after heavy physical activities. Moreover, it also helps with restoring the activity of the adrenal glands in the body which helps in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Treats joint pains and arthritis – Suma extract has anti-inflammatory properties that make it very useful for the treatment of various joint pains as well as arthritis.

Boosts immune system – This herbal extract contains many amino acids, electrolytes, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, B1, E, and K. Most importantly, it contains germanium, which is an immune system booster in itself. Suma extract also contain beta-sitosterol, allantoin, silica, glycosides, and stigmasterol all of which contribute to enhance the abilities of the immune system to fight against various potential diseases.

Treats sexual dysfunction – Suma extract contains a compound known as beta-ecdysteron that helps with the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Helps in developing stronger muscles – In the long history of using suma extract, it is found to be quite popular among Russian athletes who wanted to develop strong muscles. The properties of this herbal supplement were believed to provide maximum energy to the muscle cells and help by increasing muscle mass.

Helps in relieving stress – One of the most common uses of this supplement is for relief from mental stress and strain as it works as an energy booster for the body.

Treats various potential diseases – Extracts of suma are also well known for their therapeutic usages, including treatment of diabetes, lowering of cholesterol, restoration of nerve functions, and development of a stronger immune system. In addition, these supplements were recently in the news for their ability to help treat various kinds of cancers.


Possible Dangers

Suma extracts are known to be non-toxic in the human body and therefore does not have any reported side effects.


FDA Approved?

Suma extract has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.



Based on the analysis and survey conducted by the American Pharmaceutical Association, suma extract is widely considered as an energizing adaptogen. The properties of this adaptogen are considered to boost the immune system and provide energy to the body to fight against fatigue. Bodybuilders and weightlifters have been using this supplement for many years now to get instant energy and recover faster physically.

According to a recent study conducted in 2010, suma displayed certain therapeutic properties that are believed to be helpful for the treatment of cancer. However, the actual relation between suma extract and cancer is yet to be confirmed.

Some earlier studies have confirmed that suma contains nortriterpenoids and pfaffosides, both of which are beneficial against abnormal growth of cells in the body. In addition, these components were found to be effective for lowering blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure.

Some other studies also suggested that suma extract can be used to prevent skin rashes, wound scars, and other skin-related issues.


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Suma extract has a long history of  medicinal usage and therefore is widely used as an effective supplement for a better immune system, growth of muscle cells and strength, and overall well-being.

Bodybuilders, athletes, and weightlifters use this extract as a dietary supplement to fight against tiredness and joint pains that may occur due to heavy workouts. Various commercial products that are available today use suma extract as the primary ingredient along with a secondary ingredient known as L-Proline.

Suma Extract