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Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine): Fat Burner


Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine) is one of the strongest agents to control the weight of the human body.

It belongs to the Apocyanaceae family and is an evergreen shrub found on the South African Quinine Tree. It has become very popular among bodybuilders and athletes.


Reported Effects

1) Helps with weight loss.

2) Develops lean muscle.

3) Lowers blood pressure.


Reported effects include:

Reduces weight – The most important effect of Rauwolfia Canescens extracts is for its water retention ability in the human body. This, as a result, leads to loss of body weight and allows proper functioning of body metabolism activities. Bodybuilders and individuals who perform heavy physical workouts usually take supplements of this shrub for avoiding accumulation of water within the body.

Develops lean muscle – Because of its ability to remove water content from the body, its supplements are also recommended for developing a muscular appearance. It not only eliminates the water from the muscle tissue, but also contributes to strengthening the muscular fibers.

Reduces hypertension – Rauwolfia Canescens contains respirine alkaloid that is known to be very effective for reducing the symptoms of hypertension. In medical perspective, drugs including this plant extract are known to exhibit anti-hypertensive properties.

Lowers blood pressure levels – One of the key uses of this plant extract is for lowering the levels of blood pressure in the human body. The alkaloid components of this plant are known to be highly effective for individuals with high blood pressure.

Contributes to fat breakdown in the body – Another major role of Rauwolfia Canescens is its ability to block the alpha-2 receptors in the human body. These receptors are a barrier to lipolysis or fat metabolism, and therefore, the extract of this shrub is administered for blocking the receptors from performing their activities.

Exhibits diuretic properties – As mentioned, Rauwolfia Canescens supplements are used as a diuretic to release extra water from the body cells. Experts recommend this plant supplement for various weight management programs.


Possible Dangers

Although Rauwolfia Canescens is known to be safe and non-toxic in the human body; individuals taking the supplements of this plant extract are advised to drink sufficient amounts of water. Excessive intake of Rauwolscine supplements causes dehydration and therefore one must balance out the loss of water to avoid any possible symptoms.


FDA Approved?

Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine) has not been evaluated yet by the Food and Drug Administration.



Many earlier studies have reported that Rauwolscine extracts are quite effective for weight loss. These studies reported that this plant exhibits properties that help with water retention – a process where additional water is released from the body. Therefore, supplements of this plant species are commonly recommended for bodybuilders and weightlifters.

Some recent studies administered drugs made from the extracts of this plant into people suffering from high levels of blood pressure. As per the results found through the examination in these studies, the supplements of Rauwolscine were found to significantly reduce the blood pressure levels and therefore can be prescribed with careful diagnosis of patients.

Some studies have reported that Rauwolscine contains alkaloids, which imparts therapeutic properties to reduce hypertension. Based on the results of these studies, many health experts suggest this to be an anti-hypertensive agent.


Supplements using this ingredient:

1. Rauwolfia canescens, ext.



In recent times, Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine) has gained much popularity due to its health benefits, especially for people who perform rigorous exercise and heavy physical workouts. While many people use this supplement for weight loss and development of lean muscle cells, experts from the medical field recommend its supplements for reducing hypertension and blood pressure levels.

In addition, it is very widely used to promote fat metabolism. Various commercial products include Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine) as the primary ingredient along with another important compound known as Coleus Forskohlii.

Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine): Fat Burner