L-Aspartate: Amino Acid

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L-Aspartate, also known as aspartic acid, is a protein amino acid that is basically extracted from sugarcane, beet, diary, and mollases. The dicarboxyl amino acid form of L-aspartate can be found in small amounts in our body fluids.


Reported Effects

1) Increases stamina.

2) Improves body metabolism.

3) Removes excess toxins.


Reported effects of this amino acid include:

Enhances body metabolism – Aspartic acid plays an important role in our body by inducing the Krebs cycle, where it contributes to the synthesis of many other essential amino acids such as asparagines, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, arginine, and threonine. These amino acids help in enhancing different metabolic activities in our body, including promotion of blood circulation.

Removes excess toxins – L-Aspartate plays a vital role in removal of excess ammonia from our bloodstream. It absorbs the excess toxins in combination with other amino acids to form a molecule that can easily absorb ammonia and allow their removal from the body.

Generates stamina – One of the most important health benefits of L-aspartate is that it stimulates energy in the human body by transporting the NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) to the mitochondria that in turn generates more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the energy booster. Therefore, some studies suggest L-aspartate is effective as a supplement for enhancing stamina, increasing endurance, and reducing fatigue in athletes.

Strengthens mental power – Aspartic acid is also known to strengthen the functioning of the human brain by increasing the NADH concentration in it that in turn generates various essential chemicals and neurotransmitters.

Bolsters the immune system – L-Aspartate also plays a crucial role in increasing the production of various important immune system proteins, such as antibodies and immunoglobins, thereby strengthening body immunity to fight against several potential diseases.


Possible Dangers

While proper intake of aspartic acid has various advantages and is found to be non-toxic in the human body, excess usage has been reported to be harmful. Excess of the protein in the human body may damage the liver and kidney or result in gout. In general, the maximum dosage of aspartic acid should not exceed 6 grams per day.


FDA Approved?

Various protein supplements of L-aspartate have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



As per the study made so far by Sports Med. 2008, protein supplements comprising L-aspartate helps in reducing hyperammonemia and increases endurance during exercise. However, this impact is known to be applicable only for the human body and not for animals. However, there is no strong evidence yet confirming such activities of aspartic acid supplements.

Some studies suggest that aspartate, in combination with ornithine, helps patients suffering from brain abnormalities, especially due to liver cirrhosis. As per these studies, patients who medicated with an 18-gram dosage of ornithine aspartate showed improved results in the function of their liver.

Some studies also suggest L-ornithine L-aspartate (LOLA) for treatment of hepatic encephalopathy is possible through the removal of excessive ammonia from the human body.

There are also studies that support intake of ornithine and aspartic acid in combination for the treatment of intestinal disorder, kidney disease, cataracts, and stomach disorders.

As per one study that conducted experiments on the effect of magnesium on adults who were dependent on illicit drugs, the aspartate supplement, magnesium L-aspartate hydrochloride, provided positive results in reducing their drug dependencies. This form of magnesium was found to be most suitable for reducing their craving for drugs and balancing the magnesium levels in their body.


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L-Aspartate has been shown to develop energy in the human body and boost the immune system. Most importantly, it also helps with reducing toxic levels to provide maximum power to the body for exercise. Many commercial products include L-aspartate as the main ingredient, together with other compounds, such as pterostilbene.