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Dendrobex is a trademark by Driven Sports, Inc, and is largely derived from the organic compound dendrobium extract. It is widely used in traditional Chinese Medication and has found its way to supplements and pre-workout formulas.


Reported Effects

1) Elevated Mood “Runners High”

2) Improved hydration

3) Enhanced Energy Level


Dendrobium Extract, in its traditional use, was primarily used to replenish fluids. It is used to moisten the lungs and stomach and has been used in patients who have hydration concerns such as dry mouth, stomach pain, thirst, mouth sores, dry lungs and sunstroke.

It was used to counteract dry conditions, and used to replenish the body for unhealthy loss of liquids. In some instances, the hydrating element of dendrobium has also been known to create beautiful and healthy skin.


Other effects include:

Healing properties – The Chinese use this as a longevity tonic when combined with licorice roots. They used this as a tea, and claim that it provides healing energy to the body

Skin enhancing effect – It moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness as well as flaky skin.

Improved breathing capability – Dried out lungs, and air passages are often caused by smoke or pollution. Dendrobium extract has been known to provide relief by hydrating the passageways.

Helps with various sicknesses – It has been reported to have a positive effect in patients suffering from tuberculosis, dyspepsia, fever, and anorexia.

Improved bodily functions – There are also claims that it improves the overall functionality of the lungs, stomach and kidneys.

Increased functioning of body – Sexual impotency, eye problems, arthralgia, lumbago and pain in the hands and feet may also be treated.

Enhances immune system – It also improves the immunity system and helps the body become stronger against infections and diseases.

Dendrobex has been included as one of the main ingredients for Driven Sports Craze, which promises to help build size and strength as well as improve performance. Because it helps strengthen the immune system and functions as an energizer to the body.


Possible Dangers

Dendrobex should be avoided by people who are sensitive to caffeine and stimulants as this may trigger unwanted side effects. People with existing medical conditions should also check with their physicians prior to taking in performance enhancers.


FDA approved?

Dendrobex has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Certain products that contain dendrobium extract have been banned by the FDA, including Dendrobium Moniliforme Night Sight Pills (Superior), which was manufactured in China.



There are no reported studies that specifically address the effectiveness of Dendrobex, but the relation to studies made on Phenylacetic acid and the effects of caffeine have been made. A journal named Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism tackled the effects of caffeine, and suggests that it enhances cognition, promotes alertness and motor control.

It is possible that this neuroprotection role is also how Dendrobex works. Being rich in phenylethylamine, it releases neurotransmitters to make the body more coordinated. There are also some human studies that show that phenylethylamine causes “runner’s high” as well as elevated mood.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a study showing that 20 men showed signs of increased phenylacetic acid after exercise, which means that phenylethylamine levels elevates after exercise.


Alternative Names

Dendrobex is a trademark of a compound that is otherwise known as dendrobium extract.



Dendrobex promises to be a good supplement for people who need to improve performance in the gym, and may theoretically boost your energy and improve muscle coordination. Dendrobium extract has been widely used as a traditional medicine from ancient times, and most likely has some healing properties that are worth trying.

As always, caution needs to be taken when using products that are not yet evaluated by the FDA, as it may have side effects that may cause more harm than good. Check out saw palmetto for another somewhat controversial active ingredient.